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Colourstrings Training Courses for Teachers


Colourstrings Australia actively endorses and supports the formal training courses for Colourstrings Teachers offered in Australia, the UK, Finland and elsewhere.


Colourstrings Teacher Training Courses with Géza & Csaba Szilvay, July 1 - 10, 2016, ANU School of Music, Canberra

Colourstrings Teacher Training Courses are also offered by Sound Thinking Australia in Brisbane at All Hallows School, Fortitude Valley.  The course is delivered in 3 parts, over 3 years, during the first fortnight in January each year.  It is fully accredited by the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA), and participants who pass the rigorous assessment requirements can apply to be awarded the Australian Kodály Certificate in Colourstrings.  Practitioners with this certificate are eligible to receive significant credit towards:

 1) the Master of Education Degree at the University of New England in Armidale, and

 2) courses at the Kodály Institute at the Liszt Academy in Hungary.  Currently, the course is delivered by Dr David Banney, in conjunction with other leading Kodály Music Educators such as Dr James Cuskelly (Brisbane) and Dr László Nemes (Director of the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary). 


Courses are offered by the Szilvay Foundation and Colourstrings International at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Cobham, Surrey (outer suburban south-west London).  The course is also delivered in three phases.  It is delivered by Géza Szilvay and Yvonne Frye (violin), Pirkko Simojoki (viola), Csaba Szilvay (cello), Lasse Lagercrantz (double bass) and David Vinden (Kodály Musicianship).

EUROPE (Finland, Austria, Hungary)

Courses are offered by the Colourstrings Association in Finland, in Helsinki, St Paul Lavanttal (Austria), and Kecskemét (Hungary).  Delivered in three phases, the course is also run by Géza Szilvay and  Yvonne Frye (violin), Pirkko Simojoki (viola), Csaba Szilvay (cello), Lasse Lagercrantz (double bass) and David Vinden (Kodály Musicianship).  The course for 2016 will be held at the East Helsinki Music Institute from 5 – 11 August (see


Before considering enrolling in a formal teacher training course, those interested in teaching Colourstrings are advised to arrange to visit an established practitioner to observe lessons and work in progress with Colourstrings students.  Most Australian Colourstrings teachers are or have been mentored by a more experienced practitioner at some stage.  Contact one of the following internationally accredited Colourstrings teachers about observing in their studios.








Yuri Djachenko




(07) 3371 6394

0437 535 705

email Yuri

Judy Fromyhr violin Brisbane QLD (07) 3201 2301   email Judy

Celia Egerton




 (07) 4636 1221


email Celia

Rodney Egerton violin/viola Toowoomba QLD (07) 4636 1221   email Rod

David Banney




(02) 4952 2330

0448 522 335

email David

Helen Holt




(02) 9802 5348


email Helen

Since 1980, it was customary for local Australian teachers to make at least one visit to the East Helsinki Music Institute (IHMO) to observe the Szilvay brothers' work with their students (Yuri and Celia and their respective spouses above have even lived and worked in Finland, teaching and performing).  Before Géza and Csaba retired in 2010, IHMO had been host to some 4000 international visitors since 1970 (100 per year, or 3 per week).  Even though the Szilvay brothers have now retired, visiting East Helsinki remains a  worthwhile endeavour.  Second-generation Colourstrings teachers such as Pirkko Simojoki (violin/viola), Yvonne Frye (violin), Lauri Karhumäki (violin), Allar Kaasik (cello), and Lasse Lagercrantz (double bass) are also engaged in excellent work and are very inspiring to observe and learn from.  The whole environment at IHMO is worth experiencing.  String players also have much to learn from flautist Jaana Laasonen, who has developed a very comprehensive flute method "Colourflute" based on Colourstrings (Colourflute publications are also available from Colourstrings Australia cheaper than the cost of ordering online from Finland).  Finland is also a most interesting country to visit for all sorts of reasons, not the least being in terms of its respect for the Arts and Education.  Any teacher wishing to visit Finland should contact Colourstrings Australia, as we have encouraged some 30 visitors to Finland over the past 17 years, and maintain regular contact not just with IHMO and its staff, but other relevant people and organisations in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland.

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